11 Millionaire Celebrity CEOs That Could Teach 50 Cent a Thing or Two

In the wake of a sex-tape scandal, rapper Curtis James Jackson II, better known as 50 Cent, filed for bankruptcy on Monday, July 13, 2015. While testifying in Manhattan Supreme Court the following week, Jackson claimed that his net worth of $155 million is actually closer to $4.4 million, and that his wealthy image is mostly smoke and mirrors. READ: 15 Celebrities Who Made Fortunes and Went Bankrupt While 50’s net worth may be a joke, we can think of several other successful celebs who are probably laughing all the way to the bank — and their sources of income may surprise you! Below is a list of 11 celebrity CEOs with surprising side jobs that net them tens of millions in extra income.

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    Patti LaBelle

    You know her song “Lady Marmalade," but did you know Patti LaBelle has actually amassed a fortune from sauces and marinades, too? The 1975 hit may have even inspired LaBelle’s line, which includes Asian Chicken and Lemon Herb Seafood marinades as well as Sweet BBQ and Sweet Agave Bourbon sauces. The singer provides recipes using her sauces on her website, and is said to be worth $50 million.
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    Venus Williams

    She’s the queen of the court, but she also reigns supreme when it comes to interior design. Tennis player Venus Williams is CEO of V Starr Interiors, which focuses on residential and commercial interior designs. Her combined careers put her net worth at about $75 million.
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    Sean 'P. Diddy' Combs

    You know his music, but Sean Combs wears has just as many different business ventures as he does names. P. Diddy founded Bad Boy Records, spearheaded his own Sean John clothing line, and even designed jerseys for the Dallas Mavericks. Currently, Diddy is the owner of Revolt TV and endorses Ciroc Vodka. According to Forbes, P. Diddy’s net worth is a whopping $735 million.
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    Salma Hayek

    François-Henri Pinault’s business genius may have rubbed off on wife, Salma Hayek. Inspired by her grandmother, Hayek created a cosmetics line called Nuance. The Nuance line includes cosmetics, hair care, skin care and more. Hayek’s net worth is estimated to be around $85 million.
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    Tyra Banks

    How is Tyra worth $90 mil? Well, she’s a model, TV host, actress and the CEO of Bankable Productions — her own independent NY-based film and television studio. Bankable Productions is behind the popular series "America’s Next Top Model" — which is its own TV franchise now — as well as other reality TV and talk shows.
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    Dan Aykroyd

    This "Saturday Night Live" alum (and former "Ghostbuster") co-founded Crystal Head Vodka, known for its distinct skull-shaped bottle, and for being the official vodka of the Rolling Stones. This business venture puts Aykroyd’s net worth at about $135 million.
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    Jessica Simpson

    After Jessica Simpson tackled the music, television and film industries, she conquered the fashion industry with her wildly successful Jessica Simpson Collection. Jessica’s products include clothing, shoes, maternity wear, fragrances, home décor and more. It's no wonder experts peg her net worth at $150 million.
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    Jessica Alba

    You know her from her film and TV work, but this mother-bear earns her biggest bucks from the sale of non-toxic products for baby and home. Named after her daughter Honor, The Honest Company provides families with everything from affordable diapers to dishwashing detergents. According to Forbes, The Honest Company is worth $1 billion, and Jessica herself is worth $200 million.
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    Mark, Donnie and Paul Wahlberg

    Singing, rapping, acting, producing — and now cooking! Brothers Mark, Donnie and Paul Wahlberg are all featured on the A&E reality show "Wahlburgers," which is centered around their family’s numerous burger joints of the same name. More Wahlburgers locations are set to open in Massachusetts, Florida, New York, Pennsylvania and Nevada, putting Mark, Donnie and Paul's combined net worth at $236.5 million.
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    Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen

    The Olsen twins might be best known for their role(s) as Michelle Tanner on "Full House," but just a few years after the show debuted, they founded Dualstar Entertainment Group. Now, all grown up, Mary-Kate and Ashley have taken the fashion world by storm: The girls are CEOs of fashion lines Elizabeth & James, The Row and Olsenboye. Combined, the Olsen twins are said to be worth $300 million.
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    Dr. Dre

    Dr. Dre is currently the CEO of Aftermath Entertainment and Beats Electronics, the latter of which sells headphones for over $200 per pair. Now, after selling off Beats to Apple, Forbes estimates his net worth at somewhere near $700 million.
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