11 big stars from in and around Beantown

Boston has its share of Hollywood A-listers.

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    Matt Damon Not only is actor Matt Damon from Cambridge, Mass., but he also attended Harvard University. In Boston, Matt met his actor pal Ben Affleck.  (All photos Reuters)
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    Ben Affleck  Ben Affleck was born in California, but he moved to the Boston area at a young age and started hanging out with Matt Damon.   
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    Uma Thurman Uma Thurman was born in Boston but she spent most of her childhood in Amherst, Mass. She launched her modeling career at age 15 and later transitioned into acting.   
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    Mark Wahlberg Wahlberg was born in Boston as the youngest of nine children. He got in some trouble in the city during his earlier years but he turned his life around and made it big in Hollywood. 
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    Mindy Kaling  Mindy was born in Cambridge, Mass. It is said her parents based her name off of the character from the sitcom "Mork & Mindy." 
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    Chris Evans Even Captain America is from the Boston area. Chris Evans was raised in a Massachusetts town near the historic city. 
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    Connie Britton "Nashville" star Connie Britton moved from her hometown of Boston to New York and made it big in acting. 
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    Edward Norton "The Incredible Hulk" Edward Norton was born in Boston, but only lived there briefly before moving to Maryland.   
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    Eliza Dushku Eliza was in the Boston area when she got her big acting break at the age of 10. She played Alice in "That Night." 
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    Dane Cook Funnyman Dane Cook hails from Cambridge, Mass. Believe it or not, Cook has said he was a shy child. 
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    Jennifer Coolidge "American Pie" star Jennifer Coolidge was born in Boston. She later moved to New York City to pursue acting.   
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