10 Worst Baseball Movies Ever

Do not get yourself psyched for the World Series by watching these films.

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    Major League

    A terrible movie about trying to field the worst team in baseball that made tons of money. One high point though is Charlie Sheen's pitching motion, which MLB players have called the most realistic in film because Charlie played in high school and could actually throw in the high 80s.  Unfortunately, the actor was also high for most of the 1980s.  We kid!
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    Joey from "Friends" co-stars with a baseball playing chimp. More need not be said.
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    For Love of the Game

    About as sappy as you can imagine, Costner's 89th film about a baseball is a great cure for insomnia.
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    Summer Catch

    Nobody is going to confuse Freddy Prinze Jr. and Jessica Biel for Oscar contenders, especially not in this corny romantic comedy centered on a minor league baseball team.
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    The Scout

    Albert Brooks said he rewrote "The Scout" so it didn't have such a "Rocky bulls**t ending," but the studio forced them to film said bulls**t ending.  SPOILER ALERT: Brendan Fraser's character Steve Nebraska pitches a perfect game, knocks his catcher over he throws so hard, and hits two home runs to power his Yankee team to a 2-0 win. Yep, pretty much total bulls**t right there.
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    The Babe

    When your lead actor, John Goodman, has to lose weight to get into shape to play the legendarily fat and out of shape Babe Ruth, you know you are in trouble.
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    The Fan

    Think "Taxi Driver" only with Wesley Snipes playing Cybill Shepherd.
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    The Babe Ruth Story

    They rushed to get this 1948 film out while Babe Ruth was still alive, and it shows. Often called the worst baseball movie of all time, but mostly by people who died before "Ed" and "Major League 3: Back to the Minors" were released.
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    Rookie of the Year

    A 12-year-old kid who throws 100 mph leads the Chicago Cubs to World Series win.  Yeah, right.  We can stomach a 12-year-old fireballer, but the Cubs as MLB champs? A movie has to have some link to reality to hold a viewer's attention.
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    Major League 3: Back to the Minors

    They made three of these. Oh my.
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