10 Healthiest Hollywood Stars

If they're not working, they're probably working out.

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    Patrick Dempsey stays McDreamy primarily by hitting the pavement on his fancy bike while wearing his fancy helmet. He's so fancy. For more pics of Dempsey staying in shape. (PHOTO: X17Online)
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    Madonna gets her guns from hours of yoga and pilates daily and a strict macrobiotic diet which prohibits processed food. No wonder she sounds so boring in interviews. Click for more pics of healthy Madonna. (PHOTO: X17Online)
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    Ryan Reynolds gets that six pack with rigorous workouts, including leg lifts, weight lifting, and 500 to 1000 sit-ups a day (!), and by eating 8-10 small, protein-heavy meals a day (!). Um, a little extreme maybe? Click for more Ryan pics. (PHOTO: X17Online)
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    Reese Witherspoon is a big fan of jogging, power walks and chin-ups to stay in shape. We're just kidding about the chin-ups, she just has a big chin is all. Click for more Reese pics at X17Online.com. (PHOTO: X17Online)
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    Reese's man Jake Gyllenhaal is one of those guys who needs a workout buddy, who, over the years, have included Lance Armstrong and Matthew McConaughy. For more fun pics of Jake go to X17Online.com. (PHOTO: X17Online.com)
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    Matthew McConaughey has never met a beach he doesn't like. Unlike most of us, however, instead of relaxing on them, Matthew runs up and down them, stops to do push-ups on them, and stands still and does yoga and other yoga-looking things on them. That's why he looks like he does, and we look like we do. Click for more Matt pics. (PHOTO: X17Online)
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    All that working out looks like it worked out for LeAnn Rimes - she sure caught the eye of the man of her dreams, D-lister Eddie Cibrian, which is making four divorce lawyers very happy. For more LeAnn pics go to X17Online.com. (PHOTO: X17Online)
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    Gwyneth Paltrow does a strict macrobiotic diet and endless hours of yoga to stay fit, just like her pal Madonna. They even have the same trainer. Click for more Paltrow pics. (PHOTO: X17Online)  
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    Jessica Biel says she doesn't rely on diets or severe restrictions - she maintains her killer bod by working out, eating healthy and allowing herself the occasional splurge. For more Jessica pics go to X17Online.com. (PHOTO: X17Online)
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    Jennifer Aniston maintains her slim and super sculpted body by following the Zone diet, which balances carbs, proteins, and fats, and practicing yoga regularly. Oh yeah - and running from paparrazzi. Click for hundreds more Jen pics. (PHOTO: X17Online)
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