10 Celebs Who Rock Gray Hair

Every year, women spend millions of dollars covering up signs of aging. But before you rush out to cover up those roots, consider this: Celebrities of ALL ages are embracing their grays. Check out these 10 powerful women who give new meaning to going gray.

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    Paula Deen

    The Southern chef used to dye her dark hair light until she decided to embrace her roots and go full-on gray. We’re glad she did! Amber's Advice: Going grey is NOT a ticket to low-cost or low-maintenance hair. While you may be spending less time with your colorist, you need to invest in products specifically created for your grays. Look for shampoos that enhance the blue tints in your hair. This will eliminate any yellowing and leave your mane looking silver and gorgeous.
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    Jamie Lee Curtis

    The pixie cut suits the 52-year-old actress; it allows her grays to grow in naturally without too much of a contrast to her brunette locks. Amber's Advice: Silver or gray hair is as attention-grabbing as platinum blonde. If you aren't comfortable with long locks that scream "look at me," opt for a shorter 'do.
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    Emmylou Harris

    The country star looks stunning with her signature gray ‘do. Her red lipstick contrasts tastefully with her silver hair, conveying both beauty and confidence. Amber's Advice: There is no rule that says you can't go long with your grey locks, but keep in mind that long hair will require more styling time. Furthermore, as gray hair reflects light, it will become a focal point in your overall appearance.
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    Helen Mirren

    Helen Mirren, one of Hollywood’s most glamorous actresses, has embraced her age better than most. Her silver coif embodies sophistication. Amber's Advice: Be wary of overly heat-styling gray hair. Gray hair tends to be more brittle and dry than hair that has retained its natural pigment, and damage from heat styling can make hair wiry and coarse. Regular deep-conditioning treatments are essential for grey hair; they not only add shine but help smooth the hair cuticles.
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    Olympia Dukakis

    This actress has looked older in some of her earlier movie roles than she does with her current chic hair color. Her elegant ‘do goes well with her bright lipstick and vibrant scarf. Amber's Advice: Take a cue from Olympia and don't be afraid to wear red lipstick. Gray hair can make you appear washed out if you don't add color to the rest of your face.
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    Blythe Danner

    Gwyneth Paltrow might personify elegance, but the “apple” doesn’t far fall from the tree. Blythe Danner’s subtle gray style conveys effortless beauty. Her once blonde hair has made a seamless transition to gray. Amber's Advice: Gray or white hair tends to look best with pink, olive and dark complexions. If you're sallow or very pale, consider adding highlights or lowlights for volume and texture.
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    Cindy McCain

    The former candidate for First Lady personifies poise and class with her chic hairstyles and impeccable wardrobe. We love how she wasn’t afraid to keep her hair long, making it easier to style. Amber's Advice: Don't forget to play with color in your wardrobe, as well. A brightly colored suit like Cindy's will immediately draw everyone's attention.
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    Meryl Streep as

    Even though Streep wore a wig for her role as the editor of “Runway” magazine, we think she should have kept the hairstyle! Her perfectly coiffed silver hair undoubtedly played an integral role in her believability as a powerful cosmopolitan woman. Amber's Advice:To counteract any yellow tones, get a violet-based gloss at the salon every six to eight weeks; it coats the hair and gives it shine.
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    Kate Moss

    Here’s a celebrity that actually opted for gray. Moss debuted “graylights” to positive reviews among beauty experts everywhere, sparking a Hollywood trend followed by Mary Kate Olsen and pop star Pink.
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