10 Botox-Injecting Babes

They all admit it! Except for one...

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    Jennifer Aniston

    Jennifer Aniston has admitted to using Botox, but not being happy with the results, telling British Elle: "I tried Botox once and it was really not good for me. I felt like I had a weight on my head." Then she realized she was just wearing a very heavy hat.
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    Kim Cattrall

    Like Samantha Jones, her Sex and the City alter-ego, Kim Cattrall is totally open about her love of Botox, saying: "I have a big crease between my eyebrows, and I use Botox to get rid of that, but that's kind of it." Kind of?
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    Janice Dickinson

    Janice Dickinson is loud and proud when it comes to her usage of Botox, telling People Magazine: "I started Botox the first year it came out. I was the first one in line, and I have had Botox every six months since then."
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    Vanessa Williams

    Vanessa Williams has admitted to using Botox sparingly to maintain a natural-looking appearance. Wait, using unnatural substances to look natural? Hmm...
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    Lisa Rinna

    Lisa Rinna has admitted to getting Botox injections every three months. For lip collagen injections, we're guessing every three days.
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    Lori Loughlin

    "90210" star Lori Loughlin is an avid Botox fan, telling People Magazine: "The results are incredible. It makes you look like you've been on a really nice vacation. Just really well-rested."
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    Jenny McCarthy

    Jenny McCarthy has admitted to getting very modest amounts of Botox injected to maintain the mobility in her face. Yes, facial mobility is important!
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    Teri Hatcher

    Teri Hatcher admitted to People Magazine, "In the past, I've had Botox and collagen, but I don't plan to [get it again]. It needs to be okay to have wrinkles as I age."
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    Sharon Osbourne

    Sharon Osbourne has been extremely candid about her plastic surgery adventures and her love of Botox. We understand - it would take Botox to keep a straight face around Ozzy.
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    Nicole Kidman

    Nicole Kidman has never actually admitted to using botox but by the looks of her super-taut, frozen face, we don't really need verbal confirmation.
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