Hannity to CNN boss: 'You should be ashamed of yourself' for letting Don Lemon make Hitler comparison
Fox News' Sean Hannity unloaded on the mainstream media Wednesday night for their coverage of President Trump's Florida campaign rally warning them that they are underestimating the concerns of the president's supporters.
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It's obvious that those who support Lemon enjoy lemon juice.
    It's obvious that Trump supporters are infantile.
    It's obvious President Trump will reign supreme for 6 more years. It's also obvious Hillary will never be President!
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    AOC either enjoys riling people with incendiary comments, or she's just not bright: Limbaugh
    Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y. may be addicted to attention, according to conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh.
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    AOC is clearly much smarter than Rush that's for certain.
      Riiiight...that's why she was a bartender.
      And that's why Rush is a pill junkie.
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      Nicole Malliotakis: NY's illegal immigrant drivers' license law applies 'double standard' to citizens
      New York's new law granting drivers' licenses to illegal immigrants applies a double standard to citizens, a state Republican lawmaker told Fox News Wednesday.
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      This is incredible! How if they have expired documents are they going to get auto insurance? This is wrong on so many levels!
        The documents they are referring to as being "expired" are the documents used to prove identity to get a license. Insurance companies only require a ...See more
        They won't get insurance. If any of them injure you or drive drunk, they'll just run back to Mexico. The cost of uninsured/underinsured coverage will ...See more
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        Trump tells Fox News DOJ looking into whether his phone calls were monitored
        One day after formally launching his 2020 presidential bid, President Trump told Fox News' "Hannity" exclusively on Wednesday that investigators are working to determine whether his personal phone calls were secretly monitored by U.S. intelligence agencies during the 2016 campaign -- a possibility he called "the ultimate."
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        The only people listening to Trump are his Cult and the voices in his head
          And the working class.
          And blacks
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          Jesse Watters: Comparing Parkland shooting victim dropped by Harvard to shooter is 'irresponsible'
          Fox News' Jesse Watters criticized a critic of Parkland Shooting survivor Kyle Kashuv who compared the student to the very shooter that killed his classmates but defended Harvard's choice to drop Kashuv saying the young man must "face the consequences."
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          It's funny, the same dims and establishment cons who say "Harvard is a private institution and can do what it wants," also support affirmative action ...See more
            I don't support affirmative action. And I support the rights of business to deny services based on religious beliefs. And I also support private unive...See more
            I support true freedom of association. But if the majority of the country opposes freedom of association, then I think harvard should lose its ability...See more
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