Top cars for tall families

Sometimes a subcompact just won't do.


    Volkswagen Passat

    VW designed the 2012 Passat mid-size sedan specifically for Americans and it shows. A six-footer can stretch their legs in the driver’s seat while another does the same behind. Sometimes being stereotyped has its advantages.

    Chevrolet Equinox

    It may just be a compact crossover, but with a rear bench seat that slides fore and aft the Equinox offers more legroom front and rear than a Chevrolet Suburban. Read more about the Equinox
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    Lincoln MKT

    The Town Car is dead, long live the MKT. While the MKS sedan is technically the flagship of Ford’s luxury line, this bulbous crossover is the one you want to get picked up in. Its second row is one of the best in the biz there’s headroom to spare and even a refrigerator. Unfortunately, can't say the same for the third row, which is Snookie-size, at best. Read more about the MKT
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    Jaguar XJL

    That may be the most important “L” in the automotive world. It signifies the long wheelbase version of Jaguar’s sexy sedan and is the one to go for if people often ask you how the weather is up there. Plus, to help keep your growing children well-fed, there are fold-down picnic tables for rear seat passenger. Read more about the XJ

    Maybach Landaulet

    This $1.35 million ride has you covered, or uncovered, on both the leg and headroom fronts. The super-stretch sedan features a retractable roof over the rear compartment that lets the sun shine in as you lay back in the fully-reclining bucket seats. Don’t forget the sunscreen.
    Mercedes-Benz USA
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