Locked up? Thief brings stolen $200G McLaren to get new locks, gets caught instead

He was practically asking to get caught.


A car thief in Birmingham, U.K. was caught on Sunday after bringing the $200,000 Mclaren 570S he’s stolen to a garage to get a new set of locks put on it.

The car had been snatched from the apartment garage of a man who was out of the country. The building concierge noticed it had disappeared in his absence and alerted the police, SWNS reported.

Investigators were able to find the car and track it back to the 31-year-old crook’s address, where he was arrested and charged with fraud by false representation and theft of a motor vehicle.


"Thinking about stealing a 200k super car? Think again!!! City centre team 4 have got you covered. 1 in custody for theft of a motor vehicle and fraud. Most importantly one happy owner," the West Midlands Police tweeted following the arrest.