Police on the lookout for 'Britain's hottest crook'

Police in England are searching for a motorcycle rider who blew past a traffic camera at double the speed limit, and they’re not the only ones.

The West Midlands Police posted a photo of the speeding scofflaw’s helmeted face and green-eyed stare on Twitter Wednesday and he’s now been deemed “Britain’s hottest crook,” SWNS reports.

Cops say the “boy” dressed in full riding gear was “harassing” one of their camera van operators on a black Yamaha R1 sport bike with phony plates and clocked doing 80 mph in a 40 mph.

Some local ladies have jokingly volunteered to “strip search” the culprit if he’s caught, while others said they’d be willing to let him take them for a “ride.”

Needless to say, some of the innuendoes veered even further into the NSFW lane.


But the responses were mostly chaste, with one woman writing that "he reminds me of a young Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible. Please catch him so you can give him my phone number."

“He's quite fine as far as he can be seen, actually, tweeted @RedBird13, who went on to lament that she did “wish he'd be a safer driver/rider, though.”

Another said she wished “my eyebrows were that perfect.”

Authorities have had no luck finding him so far and followed up with a second photo that shows more of the bike and his full leather riding suit.