Police Cruisers Through the Years

The long arm of the law has a long history of cars that go with it.

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    Old New Cop Cars

    Police departments across the nation are preparing for a big shift change when the ubiquitous Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor goes out of production later this year. As local governments try to decide what comes next, FoxNews.com stopped by the New York City Police Museum's annual vintage car show to see what came before it.
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    1958 Ford Fairlane 500 G code Police Interceptor

    In the 1950's even police cars had style, and the Crown Vic's predecessor, the Ford Fairlane, ruled the roads with powerful V8 engines and tailfins that would make Batman jealous.
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    1961 Plymouth Savoy Police Car

    The NYPD never rolled in the red, but this 1961 Plymouth Savoy has been turned into a replica of the car from the classic TV show "Car 54, Where Are You?" where red vehicles were used on set because they showed up better on black and white film, and no one was the wiser.
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    Stewart Warner Police Special Speedometer

    Long before radar and laser guns there was the Stewart Warner Police Special Speedometer, perfectly calibrated to catch speeders in the act as accurately as possible.
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    1965 Chevrolet Biscayne

    Until the Caprice went out of production in 1996, Chevrolet was as much of a rival to Ford in police motor pools as it was in showrooms. In the mid-1960's the big block V8 engines available this Biscayne were the most powerful found in patrol cars.
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    1974 Plymouth Satellite Police Car

    At the dawn of the malaise-era of emissions-regulated, horsepower-starved production automobiles, the 1974 Plymouth Satellite police package held the upper hand with a 400 hp V8 under the hood. The car depicted here is a replica, but the model was perfect choice for law enforcement agencies across the nation, including the Hazzard County Sherrif's Department in "The Dukes of Hazzard."
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    1989 Plymouth Police Car

    One look at this 1989 Plymouth Gran Fury and its hard to believe the brand was discontinued a decade later...or, maybe not. But while its 3-box styling, gas-guzzling V8 and 3-speed automatic transmission weren't exactly cutting edge, it was their simplicity and durability that made them perfect for the hard life of a law enforcement vehicle. Click here for a sneak peek at America's next generation of police cars.
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