'New' 1987 Buick Grand national being sold on Ebay was stored 32 years

A 1987 Buick Grand National for sale on Ebay is the last of 11…that were owned by one man.

The seller, Mark, tells Fox News Autos that he bought the batch of muscle cars when they were new because he knew they were future classics.


The turbocharged coupes were unlike anything Detroit had made before, and among the quickest cars of their day. Originally priced around $17,000, in recent years they’ve become the hot ticket items Mark predicted they would, often going for up to $100,000, with the rare GNX models commanding twice as much.


Mark had two GNXs, but they’re long gone with the rest of the cars, which he’s been selling off over the past decade. What's particularly special about the one on Ebay is that it was never registered or even dealer prepped and still has its window sticker in place and factory plastic on the seats. It has racked up 757 miles, however, from the occasional spins he’s taken it for around the Florida industrial park it lives in to keep it in running condition.

According to Mark, it still has that new car smell, but you’ll have to place the high bid to take a whiff yourself.