NASCAR Class of 2013

Sprint Cup gets a new look.



    NASCAR is throwing out its one-size-fits all rules for 2013 and giving automakers a little more leeway over how their cars look, hoping to put more "stock" into the stock car series. Here's what the four contenders for the cup have in store.


    The new Dodge Charger is an almost carbon copy of the street car - except for the two-doors - with a bold, upright grille, bulging front fenders and deep retro side scallops.


    Ford is sticking with the name of the front-wheel-drive Fusion for 2013, but its an all-new car with a sleek, almost Aston Martin look. This Wood Brothers Racing version is painted in a retro Motorcraft livery that hearkens back to NASCAR's 1970's heyday.


    The Toyota Camry returns next year, but based on the latest version of America's best-selling car, with a slightly edgier look than the jellybean of old.


    The Chevrolet SS remains a bit of a mystery, and will be revealed in full later this year in conjunction with an all-new rear-wheel-drive sports sedan for Chevy's dealers to sell on Monday.
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