Minnesota police shame snow-covered car drivers in tweet

Minnesota police know a thing or two about snow, and they’d like you to know you should clean it off your car before you hit the road or it hits another vehicle.

The Minnesota State Patrol tweeted a photo of a car that got pulled over recently for being almost entirely covered in snow, save for a small square of the windshield in front of the driver and the driver’s door window.

“Don’t be this person when it snows. Please. Please. Please. A trooper stopped this car Feb. 14 in Elk River. Yes, they were cited. Sure, maybe the snow would blow off — onto someone else’s car. Clean off your vehicles BEFORE you hit the road,” the agency tweeted.


Several states have laws that require car windows to be clear of snow and ice, but Minnesota law requires them to be removed from all of the surfaces on a vehicle and holds drivers responsible if anything falls off and damages another car, according to River 96.7.