Lamborghini Urus Concept

This ain't no Rambo Lambo.



    Lamborghini has unveiled a concept for a future high performance SUV called the Urus. Named after a giant ancestor of today's bull, the four-seater towers over the company's lineup of sleek supercars and was designed to appeal to markets where this type of vehicle is popular (and profitable,) including the United States, China and the Middle East.


    With an intensive use of cabon fiber in its construction, the all-wheel-drive Urus aims to be relatively fuel efficient, but with a 600 hp engine of undetermined configuration under the hood, relative is the key word. Meant more to tackle bad roads than true off road, the edgy high-rider features an active front spoiler that adjusts to provide optimum downforce at high speeds.


    The five-door Urus is said to be based on the chassis of the Porsche Cayenne, and offers a surprising amount of cargo room given its edgy design.


    The interior of the concept features the same futuristic fighter plane inspired design as the automaker's 217 mph Aventador coupe. Although not yet confirmed for production, the Urus could be on the road within three years.  


    The introduction of the Urus comes 20 years after the demise of Lamborghini's first SUV offering, the V12-powered LM002. Known affectionately as the "Rambo Lambo," the rugged truck was designed for military use, but found a place in the homes of the world's well-to-do, who purchased just over 300 of the very short bed pickups during its seven year production run.
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