Devolro Diablo

The Tundra doesn't stand a chance.



    If you want prepare for the end of the world, or just don't like your neighbors, you could do worse than start by getting one of these. The Devolro Diablo is a Toyota Tundra that's been given the apocalypse treatment, including a 7-inch lift, "tank-like armor" bumpers and 520 hp supercharged V8.


    A 50-gallon gas tank ensures long distance capability, while a stadium's worth of LED lighting is on tap to repel any nocturnal creatures that might come your way. A roof-top rack can be used as a hunting platform, or bug-out spot for a last stand, but the menacing carbon fiber-look wrap should keep all but your fittest enemies away.


    If you're planning on staying away from civilization for an extended period, the Miami-based shop will gladly outfit your truck with all of the comforts of home, including up to six bunks, a kitchen and bathroom at a starting price of about $140,000. Hey, your 401K isn't going to do you any good in Dystopia.
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