This is the best-selling pony car in America so far for 2020

The race isn't even close

We’re only halfway through the 2020 pony car sales race and it may already be over.

The Ford Mustang has pulled out to a commanding lead ahead of the Dodge Challenger and Chevrolet Camaro.


Through the first six, very challenging months of the year, Ford sold 33,786 Mustangs, bolstered by the new top of the line Shelby GT500, which is the most powerful Ford ever at 760 hp.


Dodge delivered 22,018 Challengers during the same period, but saw a drop of 23 percent from the prior year compared to the Mustang’s 12.3 percent. Watch out for a late charge with the introduction of the Challenger Super Stock as the most powerful American car on sale at 807 hp and the accompanying hype for the lineup this fall.


The Chevy Camaro is a very distant third with just 13,860 cars delivered, down 43.35 percent from 2019. No major new versions are expected to be introduced this year as the first mid-engine Corvette steals the spotlight at the Bowtie Brand.