Best back to school cars

$16,000 or less.



    Whether they're headed to senior year in high school or on their way to the freshman 15, your favorite students need the right set of wheels to get them there. Kelly Blue Book picks its class of 2012.

    #5 Honda Fit

    Fun to drive and with a flip and fold "magic" rear seat, the Fit is equally good at carrying cargo and coeds.  
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    #4 Ford Fiesta

    A five-door hatchback that gets 40 mpg makes for good math.
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    Spunky, sporty and available in a wild array of colors, the roomy Sonic is a safe bet.

    #2 Hyundai Accent

    Sharp new sheetmetal and a 10-year warranty should keep it fresh long past graduation.
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    #1 Kia Soul

    Unique looks, practicality, good fuel economy and a low price make the Kia Soul a good choice for students of all ages. Click here for the rest of Kelly Blue Book's 10 best back to school cars of 2012
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