American flag-painted convertible Cadillac limousine was born for the Fourth of July ... parade

There’s a car for sale on eBay that may make you stand up and salute. And you can do it in the car.

It’s an open-top Cadillac limousine gloriously decked out in the Stars and Stripes.


“Have you wanted to be more popular than George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, General Patton, or Nicholas Cage?” That’s the question posed by the ad, though it comes across more like a challenge.


The seller, Ben, tells Fox News Autos that his family has collected Cadillacs for years and has had several 1960s models they use in parades. When they got their hands on this limo it needed a new vinyl top so they decided to just chop it off. After using it for a few months, they got the idea to paint it like Old Glory, in part because the stripes would make it look even longer.


The 1987 Cadillac Brougham doesn’t have windows or a convertible roof, but it does have a bar and six seats. It’s powered by an old-school carbureted 5.0-liter V8 that runs (as long as you warm it up) and has over 81,000 miles on the odometer. How much more? There’s no way to tell for sure, because it’s broken.


“If you drive this Caddy past Mount Rushmore you'd have the four freedom founders cranking their necks and turning their heads to take a peak [sp],” the ad jokes, but the attention it gets is real. Ben said he got an offer to buy it the first day he had it on the road and that he can’t go anywhere without people waving at him and filming it.


Collector car website has already nominated the Caddy for its “eBay Listing of 2019 award,” which didn’t even exist before it posted about this car. If you’re interested in putting your pocketbook where your patriotism is, the car is located near Salt Lake City and the eBay auction ends Monday night at 8 pm Mountain time.