Amazing high-mileage cars

Student engineers running on fumes.


    Shell Eco-Marathon Americas

    The 2014 Shell Eco-Marathon Americas took place in Houston earlier this week, where schools from the region compete to build experimental ultra-fuel efficient cars. The competition was won by Quebec's Université Laval with a showing of 2,824 mpg (not pictured,) but there were plenty of other clever creations in the mix.


    The The Carbon Lady, #39, Prototype, running on Diesel, competing for team ShopGirls from Granite Falls High School, Washington.


    The Black Diesel, #41, Prototype, running on Diesel, competing for team No Spark Plug Allowed from Sullivan High School, Indiana, United States
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    The Delorean 2.0, #503, UrbanConcept, running on Gasoline, competing for team Back to the Future Part ll from St. Pauls High School, Louisiana.
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