2017 Moab Easter Jeep Safari concepts revealed

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    Every Easter, thousands of Jeep enthusiats descend on Moab, Utah, and Jeep hides a few colorful eggs for them to find among the rocks. The custom rides aren't meant for production, but showcase items available in the Jeep Performance Parts catalog and offer an outlet for the company's designers to try out some wild ideas.
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    Jeep Safari

    The Jeep Safari is partially transparent and may offer a look at the future of the brand. Envisioned as the ultimate enclosed sightseeing Wrangler, the Safari has a see-through roof, clamshell-opening "windoors" with aluminum frames and clear vinyl skins, plus a roof-rack mounted drone for a bird's eye views. But forget the forest for a moment and look at the tree. That big bumper? The long flat hood? The way the grille slats bend around the headlights? These are all features seen on protoytpes and leaked images of the all-new 2018 Wranger. Revealing, huh?
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    Jeep Switchback

    The Switchback is a mix of parts you can buy today, and some that may be on the way. The half-doors, hood, roof, lightbar, A-pilar spotlights and wheels are works in progress, while the high top fenders, remote-reservoir Fox shocks, 4-inch lift kit, Dana 44 rear axle, bumpers, whinch and other parts are available for anyone with a wrench to build a serious rig that looks a lot like this.
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    Jeep Quicksand

    It's part sand rail, part hot rod and all awesome. The Quicksand has a 392 Hemi V8 stuffed under its hood, velocity stacks sticking out of it, and headers exiting behind the wheels. There's also traditional exhaust you can engage when you want to stop bringing the noise, a winch hidden iside a bumper-mounted moon tank, and a recovery kit stuffed into a drag parachute-style pack. A stretched wheelbase, chopped top and staggered wheel sizes complete the classic look.
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    Jeep Luminator

    The Luminator has low-power LED lights in front, in the rear, on the side, underneath, ones that turn when you turn the steering wheel, and another that automatically searches for wildlife and tracks it across the trail like a spotlight pointed at a star on center stage. Where's all the power come from? A solar panel on the roof gets it from that big light in the sky and stores it in a battery to get you through the night.
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    Jeep CJ66

    Built on a modern Wrangler frame with at 5.7-liter Hemi V8 and a six-speed manual transmission, this retro-modern mashup is fitted with 1966 'Tuxedo Park' bodystyle finished in Copper Canyon and old-school graphics. A cropped windshield and Dodge Viper seats dial up the crazy while a built-in concept air compressor lets you fill up its 35-inch tires after you air them down to get dirty.
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    Jeep Grand One

    You know that Jeep Grand Cherokee project car you've been eyeing on Craigslist? Well, Jeep bought it and turn it into this celebration of the model's 25th anniversary. It lifted it, added locking differentials, cut the fenders, gave it some sweet-looking lace wheels, incorporated a faint wood trim pattern to the paint, and even added a period-correct car phone for the full retromod effect.
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    Jeep Trailpass

    The all-new Compass Trailhawk may just be hitting showrooms, but that doesn't mean you have to wait to start messing with it. The compact Trailpass gets a 1.5-inch spacer lift, asymmetrically-painted 18-inch wheels, and Mopar/Thule roof basket to help the little guy carry lots of gear into the great outdoors.
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