Best Photos of the Week
A picture can tell much more than words. Here are the images of the week.

Best Friends Forever?

Oct. 26 In this picture taken on Tuesday. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, left, holds the hand of his Bolivian counterpart, Evo Morales, prior to a friendly Fursal, in Tehran, Iran. 

(AP/Iranian Students News Agency)

A Bad Hair Day

Oct. 26, Dana Maragos, of Chicago, heads to the train station as gusty winds continue throughout the region in Chicago. 


British Royal Cats

Oct. 27, 2010: Kittens sit in a bucket before meeting the Duchess of Cornwall, during a visit to the Battersea Dog and Cat's Home in London. It was the Duchess's first visit to the home, where she toured the facilities and opened the new cattery which offers refuge to lost and abandoned cats and kittens. The Home is celebrating its 150th anniversary this year.

(AP/ pool)

Lioness Takes a Dip

Oct. 26, 2010: An eight-week-old female lion cub swims through fall leaves during a swim test at the National Zoo in Washington. The test was to make sure the four cubs will be safe around the water feature when they are put on public display, which is expected to take place in late December. The test was very successful according to the lion keepers. 


Bloody Patio

Oct. 23, 2010: People clean a blood stained patio at a home in the northern city of Ciudad Juárez, Mexico. At least 13 young people were shot dead and 15 wounded in an attack on this house late Friday during a 15-year-old boy's birthday party. 


Through the Broken Glass

Oct. 23, 2010: Soldiers seen through a smashed car window inspect a crime scene after a shootout and car chase in Acapulco, Mexico. At least four people died in the gun battle.


Cholera Victim

Oct. 22, 2010:  The body of a man that according to doctors died of cholera lies on a stretcher at the morgue the St. Nicholas hospital in Saint Marc, Haiti. An outbreak of cholera in rural central Haiti has killed at least 142 people and sickened hundreds more who overwhelmed the hospital in Saint Marc seeking treatment.


Drop of Hope

Oct. 28, 2010: A boy tsunami survivor drinks water at an area affected by Monday's earthquake-triggered tsunami at Parorogat village, Pagai island, West Sumatra, Indonesia. 


Behind the Kite

Oct. 23, 2010: An Afghan boy covers behind his kite as US soldiers from L Trp 4/25CR, patrol in Kandahar City, Afghanistan, Saturday.


Israeli Palestinian Conflict

Oct. 27, 2010: An Israeli Arab youth is detained by Israeli riot police during clashes in the northern Israeli town of Umm el-Fahm.


Cuban Embargo Reminder

Oct. 26, 2010: A bicycle taxi drives past an image of Fidel Castro in Havana, Cuba. 


Thin Green Line

Oct. 26, 2010: US soldier PFC Mecale Bryant, from Houston, Texas, of 2nd PLT Diablos 552nd Military Police Company, demonstrates firing positions to Afghan policemen on the outskirts of Kandahar City, Afghanistan.


Mooo for Kentucky

Oct. 27, 2010: A line of cattle walks through a foggy field on Wednesday,  near Hopkinsville, Ky. Storms passed through the area on Tuesday, bringing cooler temperatures and allowing fog to form in low lying areas.

(AP/Kentucky New Era)

Broken Hearts in Argentina

Oct. 28, 2010: In this picture released by Argentina's presidency, Argentina's President Cristina Fernández, right, accompanied by her son Máximo Kirchner, left, and her daughter Florencia Kirchner, center, stands by the coffin containing the remains of her late husband former President Néstor Kirchner at the government palace in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  Kirchner died Wednesday after suffering a heart attack at age 60. He was a likely candidate for next year's presidential elections. In the back ground a painting depicting Gen. Juan Domingo Peron.

(AP/Argentine Precidencia de La Nacion)

Best Photos of the Week

A picture can tell much more than words. Here are the images of the week.

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