US Embassy in London auctioning off 1200 rolls of toilet paper, 'usable' Volvo

Cameras that may not work, 11-year-old cars and hundreds of rolls of toilet paper -- just some of the items you can bid on during the U.S. Embassy in London's moving sale.

The 100 packs of 12 rolls each of mini jumbo toilet paper are being offered in "new and unused" condition in the online auction, which also includes a used Volvo and two cameras -- which may be broken.

None of the items have any official US insignias or historical value and appear to be part of the embassy’s “spring cleaning” after its relocation earlier this year to a new $1 billion facility in Vauxhall.

An embassy spokesperson told The Independent the auction was an annual event that allows State Department employees to get money back for items that are “no longer needed, or have been damaged, or refreshed.”

The sale of the toilet paper, the spokesperson said, was because the dispensers at the new embassy are different dimensions and the old rolls don’t fit.

toilet paper 1

The U.S embassy in London described the toilet paper on auction as "probably a bit above bog standard."  (U.S. State Department)

The spokesperson described them as “probably a bit above bog standard.”

They are being sold as a set, with 30 bids already made on them.

Probably the most expensive item on the auction list is a nearly 11-year-old black Volvo S80, which was described as in “usable” condition. So far there have been 34 bids for the car.


A black Volvo S80 up for auction is described as in "usable" condition.  (U.S. State Department)

Other items include five Dyson vacuum cleaners, 22 plastic stacking chairs with wheels, a ceramic lamp without a shade, a Bosch circular saw and a barcode scanner set.

The two cameras – an old Sony Mavica and a Nikon 105VR – are being offered “sold as seen” with “working condition unknown.”

The auction runs until August 8.

It appears the embassy in London is not the only one with an online auction. The embassies in Ankara, Turkey; Yerevan, Armenia; Adana, Turkey; and Kyiv, Ukraine are holding their own sales while locations in Stockholm, Sweden; Lisbon, Portugal; and Belgrade, Serbia are preparing other auctions.

Everything from old furniture and domestic appliances to computers and cellphones are up for grabs.

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