London exhibition 'Age of Terror' explores art since 9/11

A new London exhibition about art since 9/11 begins with images of the devastated Twin Towers in New York.

The Imperial War Museum's "Age of Terror" show goes on to display works from the United States, Britain, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and beyond, all dealing with Sept. 11, 2001 and its consequences. It's evidence, if any is needed, that the al-Qaida attacks on the U.S. changed the world.

Curator Sanna Moore says that "artists have always commented on world-changing events," but research shows the number of artists reacting to conflicts has increased since the 2001 attacks.

She said Wednesday that was the inspiration for a show that features work by more than 40 artists, including Ai Weiwei, Ivan Navarro and the Chapman brothers.

The exhibition runs from Thursday to May 28.