Austrian police fine Algerian activist over face cover ban

Austrian police have fined an Algerian millionaire activist who opposes European laws banning full face coverings after he showed up in front of the office of a government minister wearing an orange mask and a black suit festooned with 100 euro bills.

Rachid Nekkaz appeared with a large photo of Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz around his neck. Kurz heads the center-right People's Party heading into Oct. 15 general elections and is a key supporter of the law.

Nekkaz has been in the news for paying fines imposed by police in European Union nations with such bans, which are generally directed against full-face veils worn by some ultra-conservative Muslim women. The law is popularly known as the "Burqa Ban" in Austria.

Police say Nekkaz was fined 50 euros (nearly $60) Monday.