Few speak up on sex assaults, harassment at Aussie campuses

A survey of Australian university students has found that half the respondents had been sexually harassed and almost one in 50 had been sexually assaulted, but few made formal complaints.

The Australian Human Rights Commission survey released Tuesday involved more than 30,000 students across all 39 universities in 2015-16. It concluded that incidents of sexual assault and sexual harassment occurred at unacceptable rates.

The survey found 51 percent of respondents were sexually harassed at least once in 2016.

It also found 6.9 percent of respondents reported being sexually assaulted in 2015 or 2016, with 1.6 percent saying the assaults occurred in a university setting.

But only 9 percent of those sexually assaulted and 2 percent of the sexually harassed in the past two years had made formal complaints.