New Romanian govt sworn in; president calls it irresponsible

Romania's president on Thursday criticized the country's new leftist government just hours after it was sworn in, saying the ruling party risked scaring off international investors due to "fiscal dithering."

President Klaus Iohannis had harsh words for the 27-member Cabinet that was sworn in before him, saying the ruling coalition "didn't know how to govern" after it ousted its own government in a vote of no-confidence last week.

Iohannis, a political opponent of the leftist coalition that won the December 2016 election, urged the coalition to end "this fiscal dithering" after the government suggested it may introduce new taxes, cut some pensions and would not lower the sales tax in 2018 as promised.

"Such behavior is not within the framework of fiscal stability," he said. "Such behavior surely causes doubt in the business community."

Parliament approved the new government Thursday in a 275-102 vote after dismissing the last one amid political infighting in the ruling party. Many ministers are keeping their jobs despite being criticized for alleged underperformance.

Many believe the new government is a way for the chairman of the governing Social Democratic Party, Liviu Dragnea, to rule from behind the scenes. Dragnea himself is barred from being premier due to a 2016 conviction for vote-rigging.

Prime Minister Mihai Tudose, a Dragnea ally, previously served as Romania's economy minister.