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Mexico village mourns victims of deadly fireworks blast

A remote mountain hamlet in central Mexico is mourning the victims of a fireworks explosion that killed 14 people, including 11 children.

Residents of San Isidro wept beneath a tent where child-size coffins lay covered in flowers and crosses Wednesday. Many of the village's 400 or so residents turned out for the wake.

Monday's blast was caused by an errant firecracker that landed on a cache of fireworks being stored in a home for a religious celebration.

Adriano Serrano Rosas is the owner of the house that was leveled. He lost three children and two grandchildren.

Serrano says when the trembling stopped he saw his 14-year-old son Ambrosio bleeding from the head. In his words: "I said 'my son, you went before I did,' and I sat here hugging him."