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US says withdrawing UN military from Haiti is good example

U.S. Ambassador Nikki Haley says U.N. peacekeeping has made "a great contribution" to Haiti and the Security Council's expected vote to withdraw all troops by mid-October is an example of how peacekeeping missions should change as a country's political situation changes.

The United States is currently reviewing the U.N.'s 16 far-flung peacekeeping operations to assess costs and effectiveness.

Haley told the Security Council Tuesday that thanks to recent elections "the political context is right" for a new and smaller mission.

She strongly backed the transformation of Haiti's U.N. mission from military patrols to focusing on developing the country's police force, supporting the rule of law and protecting human rights.

The Security Council is scheduled to vote Thursday on a resolution to withdraw the 2,370 military personnel by Oct. 15.