ISIS sympathizers question motives behind Syria air strike

Jennifer Griffin reports from the Pentagon


ISIS sympathizers took to social media Friday to question the motives behind the U.S. missile strike against Syria.

Many speculated on Facebook, Twitter and the messaging app Telegram that President Trump’s show of force was carried out to divert attention from poor approval ratings and other issues plaguing his administration.

Others said that while praise was heaped on the president for a single action against Assad, the Islamic State is scorned for its attacks over the years against the Syrian regime. 

A series of these postings were provided to Fox News by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), which identified many of the posters as supporters of ISIS.

"The U.S. hit empty airfields after forewarning both Russia and Assad... you will hear no more of this type of action from Trump,” wrote ISIS supporter Aabir Bakr on Facebook along with a doctored photo of Russian President Vladimir Putin and President Trump riding double on horseback.

“It was all staged to misguide you... All 3 will continue to kill members of our Ummah [Muslim community]."

Another sympathizer wrote on the social media site: "Let's see how far this goes or if it's simply all show..."

"I heard America finally striked Bashar Assad just now,” American ISIS supporter Khair Muwahhid Al Ghuraba posted Thursday night on Facebook. “Wow they did it under the anti-Islam Dictator Donald Trump but never under the so called good democrat 'Obama.’”

“Lol Donald Trump supporters are now turning against him because he bombed Bashar army airbase. Lmao see these people only want to support those who kill Muslims but when it comes to bombing tyrant soldiers then it's a problem for them LOL."

The pro-ISIS Telegram channel Tawheed Network posted the following to its users:

"So Trump administration decides to drop Tomahawk missiles on Syria regime positions because they used chemicals on innocent civilians. Maybe they should start off by dropping it on their own heads first for their atrocities against the people of Fallujah then they could drop it on Israel for their atrocities against the people of Gaza. Do not be fooled by their actions. Democracy is hypocrisy and none practices it more than the Americans."

A user on another pro-ISIS Telegram channel wrote how he thought the attack was launched by Trump as a distraction.

"As if Trump cares. Likely just a diversion from his awful presidency. Do hope some Assad pigs got fried tho."

On Twitter, sympathizers criticized any accolades Trump received for going on the offensive against the Assad regime.

"One shot by Trump against Assad, and he is hero,” Ibn Haneefah tweeted. “ISIS have been striking Assad for 5 years, they're enemies because they say Shariah!"

An Al-Sham fighter with the handle @TouringInSyria said in a tweet, "59 cruise missiles and only around 4 soldiers killed. A hand grenade would do more."

Another sympathizer on Twitter also questioned the effectiveness of the missile launch.

"Is this really impact of Tomahawk missile?” tweeted Rami al-Lolah along with photos allegedly from the attack site.

“The entire surroundings are totally intact. It is a well dirty play between #USA #Russia & Assad."

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