Fillon was wiretapped, French presidential candidate's aide says

Greg Palkot reports on French election


Embattled French presidential candidate Francois Fillon was wiretapped by authorities investigating him for a misuse of public funds, a campaign aide said on Sunday.

The allegation – reminiscent of President Trump’s accusation that former President Barack Obama had wiretapped him – comes amid Fillon’s claim earlier this week that French President Francois Hollande was leading a plot against him, Reuters reported.

“It’s extremely likely,” Eric Ciotti – a lawmaker and campaign aide – told Europe 1 radio and CNEWS on Sunday. “It wouldn’t be illegal, but that would, once more, be a democratic scandal.”

But other politicians have viewed Fillon and Ciotti’s assertions with skepticism.

“I don’t believe at all that there is an orchestrated operation there,” centrist Francois Bayrou said. “Conspiracy theories…keep one from looking at one’s own responsibilities.”

Fillon, 63, has fallen to third place in recent polls, meaning he may be eliminated in the first round of presidential voting on April 23.