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'Up' stunt gone wrong: Man who flew in lawn chair tied to balloons is fined

The Pixar movie "Up" served as his inspiration.

The Pixar movie "Up" served as his inspiration.  (AP, File)

A man who recreated a scene from the Disney movie "Up" by tying 100 balloons to a chair and floating into the horizon has been slammed by a judge as “unconscionably stupid” and handed a massive fine.

Canadian Daniel Boria last year bragged about soaring higher than a Boeing 747 during the terrifying stunt.


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But a judge failed to see the funny side, and Boria was handed a $21,300 fine on top of the $16,000 he claimed to have spent on the stunt.

Boria, 26, filled 100 balloons with helium and drifted through the clouds above a rodeo fair in a bid to promote his cleaning company.


But he miscalculated, and rather than soaring into the nearby rodeo race, he kept traveling upward.

During the half-hour flyby, he claimed to seen a 747 airplane soaring below him.

At that point he hurled himself from the makeshift flying machine and safely parachuted down to the ground where he was arrested by police.

Judge Bruce Frasier, who handed Boria the fine on Friday said: "There was nothing fantastic, fun or exhilarating about it.

"There is no precedent for so foolish an escapade."

Unabashed, Boria took to the steps of the courthouse to recite a variation of former US president John F Kennedy's speech "We choose to go to the moon".

Boria added that he was planning to apply for a hot air balloon license.

This story first appeared in The Sun.