GM chief in talks with UK amid alarm over possible unit sale

Britain's business secretary says he had constructive talks with the president of General Motors amid alarm that thousands of jobs could be lost by the possible takeover of GM's Opel division by France's PSA Group.

GM's Dan Amman spoke with Business Secretary Greg Clark and the Unite's union's Len McCluskey about the consequences about PSA's possible takeover of GM's loss-making Europe operations.

Clark said Thursday he was reassured by GM's intention "to build on the success of these operations rather than rationalize them."

Opel's British brand, Vauxhall, employs 4,500 people at plants in Ellesmere and Luton.

McCluskey urged the government to back Vauxhall — just as it did for rival automaker Nissan to ensure the Japanese automaker kept operations in the U.K. once Britain leaves the European Union.