Middle East

Dozens arrested on anniversary of deadly Egypt soccer riot

Egyptian security forces have arrested dozens in central Cairo on the anniversary of a soccer riot that killed over 70 fans in 2012.

Lawyer Mokhtar Mounir told The Associated Press that over 80 people were taken into custody Wednesday, with some arrests made near the club grounds belonging to the Al-Ahly team.

Most of the victims of the rioting five years ago were fans of Al-Ahly. The lawyer says the police likely made the arrests on suspicion those detained had planned to stage a protest.

Public gatherings without a permit are banned under Egypt's draconian anti-terrorism laws.

Mounir said the detainees are undergoing security checks and officials will determine whether to release them or press charges.

In 2015, a court declared Al-Ahly's hardcore "Ultras Ahlawy" fan group a terrorist organization.