Carrier backlash: Governor of affected Mexican state calls for boycott of Texas businesses

Mexican Gov. Jaime Rodriguez Calderon, aka "El Bronco."

Mexican Gov. Jaime Rodriguez Calderon, aka "El Bronco."  (Jan-Albert Hootsen/Fox News Latino)

One governor in Mexico isn’t taking U.S. President-elect Donald Trump’s efforts to keep jobs from moving south of the border sitting down.

Jaime Rodriguez, the maverick governor of Nuevo León, is calling on residents of his state and neighboring Tamaulipas to avoid shopping in McAllen and South Padre Island, just across the border in Texas, in response for Trump having crafted a deal by which air conditioner manufacturer Carrier will keep 1,000 jobs at an Indiana plant.

"With us not going to McAllen for 15 days, Trump will change his opinion," Rodriguez told reporters at the opening of a gas station and car repair business in Monterrey, according to Telemundo.

Carrier agreed to maintain half of the jobs in the U.S. that were being moved to Monterrey in exchange for a package of incentives worth $7 million, according to Business Insider.

"Stop going to South Padre Island and we are going to do better in China," Rodriguez added, referring to a town 75 miles east of Monterrey, at about the halfway point on the highway that leads to McAllen. He added that local communities would benefit if residents did more of their shopping near home.

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Such is the number of Mexicans who travel to McAllen from Monterrey to shop that the border town maintains a chamber of commerce office in the Mexican city.

The mayor, Jim Darling, told the McAllen Monitor that he had no idea why Rodriguez had singled out his city, and he was attempting to get in touch with his counterpart in Monterrey.

Nuevo León is the richest state in Mexico, with a well-developed industrial base, and Rodriguez is the most successful independent politician in the country, a man known as "El Bronco" because of his brash style, which would seem to make him simpatico with Trump.

“I don’t owe anything to vested interests or political parties, only to civil society,” Rodríguez told Fox News Latino recently. “People are sick and tired of the old system.”

During the U.S. presidential campaign, Rodriguez predicted Trump’s win,  and he recently announced that he will run for the presidency of Mexico in 2018.

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