France in uproar over safe sex posters depicting gay men kissing, embracing


 (Heat Street)

Controversy has broken out in France after a dozen conservative mayors asked for HIV-prevention posters featuring gay men kissing and embracing to be taken down in their towns, sparking accusations of homophobia.

The posters, which were put up in 130 towns across France, show a range of men of different ages and races, in sexually suggestive embraces, with the following slogan underneath: “with a lover, a friend, with a stranger: the situations vary, the protection modes too.”

The posters are part of a wider campaign launched by President Francois Hollande’s socialist government to raise awareness about the dangers of unprotected sex and promote condom use.

But the posters sparked complaints in dozens of towns, where socially conservative mayors asked that JC Decaux — the advertising company responsible for putting up the billboards up— take them down.

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