Canadian teachers' union: Let's call students 'comrades' and stage drag shows in school



A new guide to support teachers in Canada with LGBTQ discussions is being attacked for suggesting staging drag shows in school and addressing students as “comrade” instead of boys and girls.

The Alberta Teachers’ Association (ATA), Alberta’s teachers’ union, has released a 150-page document called “Prism Toolkit for Safe and Caring Discussions.” It aims to assist teachers in creating LGBTQ-inclusive classrooms and curricula, according to CBC news.

The toolkit recommends an activity titled “Drag 101” for cosmetology and drama students, in which local drag queens would be invited to schools to teach makeup techniques and organize drag performances for the school.

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In another activity titled “Gender Swap”, students would be asked to “select a piece of writing that is typically strongly associated with a particular gender, but one that is not the gender they identify with” and “perform their selected piece”.

The document also advises teachers to use gender-neutral language. Rather than relying on the traditional terms such “boys” and “girls”, the toolkit suggests using other terms like friends, folks, or “comrades”.

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