How one German town is teaching refugees about sex, flirting with local women

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 (Heat Street, Free Media)

Among European countries, Germany has taken in the most refugees in the current crisis. Hundreds of thousands of these refugees are young, single men — far from home, and seeking the things young men typically seek. Sexual violence has been a significant problem in the country, with some 2,000 migrants sexually assaulting some 1,200 women in Cologne during New Year’s celebrations in 2016.


One town is trying a unique approach to the problem: sex ed classes for refugees.

Along with our partners at Free Media, we went to the Southern German town of Neuburg an der Donau (which translates to Newcastle on the Danube). In this pretty little town of 30,000, the local social service agency for refugees has begun requiring recipients of aid who are male and under the age of 18 to take classes on sexual behavior.

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