Fugitive from Puerto Rico accused of killing three on the lam in Rhode Island

Rhode Island police are in pursuit of a man from Puerto Rico accused of killing three people. Once again.

Pedro Torres, 36, has been accused opening fire in a restaurant in Ponce, Puerto Rico, in 2014, then fleeing to Rhode Island to escape authorities.

He was captured in Providence on July 2015 and returned to the island to stand trial, but he was released on bail and failed to appear in court.

On Aug. 19, U.S. Marshals were notified that a warrant for Torres’ arrest had been issued in Puerto Rico and that he might have returned to Rhode Island where his girlfriend and young daughter live.

In July 2015, Torres was arrested by police in Rhode Island after  were found in his .

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State Police Maj. Joseph F. Philbin told the Providence Journal, on Monday that authorities in Puerto Rico should have realized before releasing Torres that there was still an outstanding warrant for his arrest in Rhode Island dating to July 2015, when a search of his Providence apartment found an unregistered firearm, crack cocaine and illegal prescription pills.

Philibin has said that 20 to 25 law-enforcement agents are searching for Torres who was spotted in downtown Providence on Friday.

"We believe he's still in the area," U.S. Marshal Jamie A. Hainsworth told the Journal. "We're working on it, and we won't stop ... It's not just a probation violation. It's three murders. That's just about as violent as you can get."

Police told the local CBS station that they have received multiple reports from people who reported seeing Torres in the Providence area over the weekend, and they're still following leads. So far, Torres remains on the lam.

“We had him last year and he was very difficult to take down at that point, so we’re expecting problems with him this time also,” Maj. Philbin told another TV station, WPRI12.

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