PC culture lets Islamic extremism run 'rampant' in UK prisons, investigators say

Terror fight becoming too PC? Reaction on 'Outnumbered'


Islamic extremism is infesting British prisons, and often goes unchallenged thanks to a culture of political correctness, a Government report has warned.

A review of prison extremism for the Ministry of Justice was concluded that “cultural sensitivity” and “fear of being labelled racist” led to a soft-touch approach when dealing with potential extremists.

It will fuel fears that Britain’s prisons are functioning as an incubator for radical terrorism by putting large numbers of would-be radicals together in one place.

The document, partially published today, said prison supervisors would often leave the room during group prayers – providing a forum for radicalization – because of cultural pressure.

They would at times also succumb to demands not to search prisoners who claimed they were protected by their “religious dress”.

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