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Women barred from UK swimming pool to make way for Islamic men's event

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Women have been banned from a British swimming pool so that Muslim men can have it to themselves for a weekly men-only session.

No females can attend sessions at the publicly-funded Inspire Sports village in Luton, Bedfordshire, while the so-called Alhamdulliah swimming event takes place.

The subsidised event has a strictly-enforced Islamic dress code which forced men to cover up more than usual – and makes sure that women are nowhere near the pool.

Female swimmers have attacked the operators for handing over a popular slot – 8:30pm to 9:30pm – to “one section of the community” who have been able to secure the slot.

They have been allowed access to the 50m, Olympic-sized pool for the event.

Meanwhile, women who wish to swim are relegated to the 9pm-10pm slot and must make do with the smaller 20m learner pool.

A Facebook event for the men’s sessions – dubbed “The Strong Believer” – boasted that the event – which once struggled to get enough attendees – would now continue on a “permanent” basis.

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