Portuguese police seize 2.2 tons of hashish from Morocco

Portuguese police say they seized about 2 metric tons (2.2 tons) of Moroccan hashish from a boat and arrested a Spaniard during a night-time operation on the country's southern coast.

Police said the hashish was divided into 70 bales and stowed on a 7-meter (23-foot) boat that entered a coastal inlet near Tavira, about 220 kilometers (140 miles) south of the capital, Lisbon.

Officers intercepted the boat and a van that was waiting on a bank before dawn Thursday, arresting a 46-year-old man. Several other suspects are believed to have escaped.

Large seizures of hashish from Morocco are not uncommon in southern Portugal and Spain due to their proximity to North Africa. Smugglers often take the drug to northern Europe by truck.