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London Black Lives Matter leader on Dallas killings: 'What do they expect?'

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 (Heat Street)

A ringleader of London’s Black Lives Matter movement brushed off the recent police murders in Dallas with the words “What do they expect?”

Gary McFarlane, a far-left activist, addressed supporters in an emotionally-charged demonstration outside the US Embassy this weekend.

Although he paid lip-service to “not condoning” the gun rampage that left five officers dead, McFarlane claimed their deaths were an inevitable response to concerns about policing in the US.

Heat Street attended the protest, and recorded McFarlane’s inflammatory address:

Speaking to a rowdy gathering in Grosvenor Square on Sunday morning, he said: “No pig went to prison. No wonder people are getting angry, no wonder people are saying ‘an eye for an eye’.

“Of course I don’t condone the killing of the police force. But they keep killing black people. What do they expect people to do?”

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