Mitsubishi Motors to accept orders after correcting mileage

Mitsubishi is resuming sales of vehicles for which it had reported inflated mileage, after offering to compensate each buyer with 100,000 yen ($960) to make up for the extra gas.

Mitsubishi Motors Corp. said Wednesday that it will start accepting orders for its eK Wagon minicar models from July 1.

Tokyo-based Mitsubishi Motors has acknowledged it had a systematic way of cheating on mileage for the models, including those it supplied to Nissan Motor Co.

According to Mitsubishi, the mileage for one of the models going back on sale has now been corrected to 25.8 kilometers per liter (60.7 miles per gallon) from 30.4 kpl (71.5 mpg).

It says it has not been slapped any government penalties so far for cheating on the mileage.