Middle East

Car bomb near Benghazi hospital kills 4 in eastern Libya

Security and medical officials say a car bomb has gone off outside a hospital in the eastern Libyan city of Benghazi, killing four people and wounding 14.

Senior military official Brig-Gen. Abdul-Salam al-Hassi blames the late Friday attack on Islamic militants.

Al-Hassi and hospital official Mohammed al-Zawy confirmed that four people were killed and 14 wounded in the blast outside Jalal hospital. Al-Zawy says the explosives-laden car was parked near the hospital's outpatient entrance door.

Al-Hassi says the militants "will not stop these terrorist attacks on civilians and we will do our best to secure the city after we defeat them."

Military police cordoned off the hospital area after the blast, which sent a column of black smoke rising over the parking area.