Man on trial in London Tube stabbing for 'Syrian brothers'

Prosecutors say a mentally ill taxi driver attacked passengers at a London subway station with a knife in revenge for Western airstrikes on Syria.

Muhiddin Mire went on trial Tuesday on attempted murder charges for slashing the throat of musician Lyle Zimmerman and lashing out at several others at Leytonstone station on Dec. 5.

Somalia-born Mire has admitted to the attack, but denies attempted murder.

Prosecutor Jonathan Rees told London's Central Criminal Court on Tuesday that during the attack, Mire said "this is for my Syrian brothers. I'm going to spill your blood."

Rees said 30-year-old Mire had suffered "delusions of a persecutory, religious and grandiose nature." A month before the attack, he experienced delusions that he was being followed by British spy agencies.