Pro-EU ad urges UK youth to get 'votin,' leaves some fumin

Campaigners for Britain to remain in the European Union have been mocked online for a video urging young people to vote in next month's membership referendum.

Set to a thumping dance soundtrack, the video released Tuesday by Britain Stronger in Europe flashes up words including "workin, earnin, learnin, shoppin, ravin" and finally "votin."

The response may not be what its creators were hopin. Some social-media users called the ad patronizing and pointed out that young people know how to use the letter g.

Pro-"remain" Education Minister Sam Gyimah said the ad was aimed at the "easyJet generation" of young people accustomed to working and traveling freely within the EU.

Polls suggest young people are more likely than their elders to support the EU — but are less likely to vote.