Polish historian hopes crumbling bunker hides Amber Room

A historian in northeastern Poland says the moss-covered ruins of a German World War II bunker may hide the Amber Room, a precious treasure that went missing during the war.

Recent tests by earth-penetrating radar suggests there is a small room in the base of the bunker that was the German army's headquarters, in the woods near the village of Mamerki. It is some 100 kilometers (62 miles) from Russia's Kaliningrad, which was German Koenigsberg during the war, where the Nazi Germans kept the Amber Room after looting it from the Soviet Union. The British heavily bombed Koenigsberg in 1944.

Head of the Mamerki Museum Bartlomiej Polanczyk said Friday he is almost sure the bunker hides the 18th-century Amber Room, which was made of amber panels and gold leaf.