The spokesman for a Saudi-led coalition behind a year-long military campaign against Yemen's Shiite rebels says it's ready to commit to a cease-fire as long as the rebels abide by a U.N. Security Council resolution that calls for their pullout from Yemeni cities.

Brig. Gen. Ahmed al-Asiri told The Associated Press on Friday that the rebels known as Houthis should "show commitment" to the April 18 peace talks that could yield a political settlement.

He says the rebels should also recognize the government of Yemeni President Abed-Rabbo Mansour Hadi and hand over heavy weapons.

If talks fail, al-Asiri says the military option remains on the table.

The Iran-backed rebels have been negotiating with the Saudis in past weeks on prisoner swaps and a halt of fighting along the Yemeni-Saudi border.