Germanwings victim's father: we're still waiting for apology

Families of the Germanwings crash victims say they are still waiting for an apology from those they believe failed to prevent the crash that claimed 150 lives almost one year ago.

French air accident investigators are releasing their final report on the crash Sunday.

A preliminary report published in May found the co-pilot of Flight 9525, Andreas Lubitz, practiced sending the jet into a deadly descent hours before the crash, suggesting his decision to crash the plane into a French mountainside was premeditated.

Juergen Fischenich, who lost his 33-year-old son Sven in the disaster, told The Associated Press in an interview Friday that doctors and Germanwings' parent company Lufthansa could have stopped Lubitz from flying.

The co-pilot was treated for depression and suicidal tendencies in the years before the crash.